Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Ineffable Name and Situations of War

Following a recent conversation on the tragic events which recently beset the City of Boston, in which we witnessed again the dastardly deeds of mayhem and destruction intolerant religionists work on their fellow humankind, I was asked whether there are techniques in "Practical Kabbalah" which could be effectively employed in "Situations of War." As it is, Moses Zacutto delineated in his mammoth "Shorshei ha-Shemot" a practice pertaining to the magical use of the Ineffable Name, which is said would determine the outcome of a battle.
Considered the most powerful Divine Name in existence, the Ineffable Name is included in numerous amulets for a variety of purposes of both the constructive and destructive kinds. In this regard, the following magical activity may be considered a misapplication of the Tetragrammaton, yet it should be understood that this Unique Name is considered the most potent "Spiritual Force" determining the beneficial outcome of any honourable purpose, so why should it not be employed for purposes of effective resistance toagainst the military might of crazed dictators, etc.? Whilst such a defensive measure might turn out to be destructive, it could equally be enormously beneficial in the preservation of the life and limb of oneself and ones kin. Hence it should come as no surprise that the magical applications of the Ineffable Name includes the following chotam (magical seal) employed as a defense against an enemy at war:
This seal appears to be the Ineffable Name written in magical script, but I have not been able to ascertain the exact magical alphabet it might have been derived from. However, in terms of the talismanic use of this magical image, we are told it has the power to destroy the camp of the enemy in war situations.
To affect this outcome, one has to collect four fairly large stones from a dirt road or cobblestone track. On each of these stones is inscribed the magical seal conjointly with specific phrases. On the first stone is written (Exodus 15:3):
YHVH ish milchamah YHVH shemo l’olam va’ed Yah Omein Omein Omein Selah Selah Selah
YHVH is a man of war, YHVH is His Name throughout eternity Yah Amen Amen Amen Selah Selah Selah
On the second is written the portion from Isaiah 41:2 reading (yiten ke’afar charvo—“his sword maketh them as the dust”), whilst on the third is inscribed another portion of the same verse reading (K’kash nidaf kashto—“his bow as the driven stubble”), and on the fourth stone the opening phrase from Psalm 11:2 reading (Ki hineh har’sha’im yid’r’chun—“For, lo, the wicked bend the bow”).
As said, the magical seal is written on all four stones conjointly with their respectively associated biblical phrases. On the completion of this task, the stones are cast into the zone of the enemy.
Curiouser and Curiouser! cried Alice.....!