Monday, September 12, 2011

Psalm 45:4 [5] and the Amulet for Success

In addressing the "Amulet for Success" from the Sefer Raziel, I failed to mention that Psalms 45:4 [5], the verse associated with the amulet in question, was itself reconstituted into a set of ten Divine Names employed to enhance or expand, as it were, the "powers of success" in amulets constructed for financial matters, or as an additional aid to furthering success in business. The original verse reads:
va-hadarcha tz'lach r'chav al d'var emet va-an'vah tzedek v'torcha nora'ot y'mincha
"And in thy majesty prosper, ride on, in behalf of truth and meekness and righteousness; and let thy right hand teach thee tremendous things."
The Divine Names constructed from this verse are:
As you probably noticed, the first letters of the ten Divine Names, read in the normative manner, incorporate the first two words of the verse and the first two letters of the third word. Next, reversing the flow, i.e. commencing with the second letter of the tenth Name, then reading backwards the second letters of the other Names and working upwards towards the first Name, will offer us the concluding letter of the third word, the fourth, fifth and sixth words of the verse in question, as well as the first letter of the seventh word. Continuing the flow by reversing direction again and reading the third letter of each Name back down to that of the tenth Name, will in turn provide the remainder of the seventh word, the eighth word, and the first three letters of ninth word. Finally, reversing the flow once again and reading the fourth letters of the ten Divine Names backwards and upwards, we are presented with the last two letters as well as the concluding two words of Psalm 45:4 [5].
This is certainly one of the most interesting ways, amongst the many employed in the construction of highly specialised Divine Names from unique Biblical verses.

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