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Spirit Forces in Hebrew Amulets - Part 4

In the previous instalment of this set of essays on "Spirit Forces in Hebrew Amulets," I referred to the four great archangels, i.e. Rafa'el, Micha'el, Gavri'el and Ori'el. Whilst these specific Spirit Intelligences feature prominently in numerous Kameot, there are often a number of Angelic and Divine Names included in these highly specialised items. In this regard, we have noted in "Part 2" the extensive collection of Angels allied to the "tried and tested Kamea for the protection of pregnant women and infants." In that instance the accompanying Spirit Intelligences are listed at the base of the amulet. However, in many cases a Kamea would be comprised of a bold "letter square" constructed from the initial letters of words in biblical phrases, and which is often accompanied by a set of angelic appellatives located to the left of the square.

Amongst this variety of Hebrew amulets is one comprised of the Divine Name (Ashtzei [also Oshotziyiyi]). This Divine Name construct comprises the five letters respectively succeeding the five occurrences of the Ineffable Name (YHVH) in Psalm 121, i.e. (Ayin) verse 2; (Shin) and (Tzadi) verse 5; and the two letters (Yod) from verses 7 and 8. The power of this Divine Name is said to be vast and mighty, i.e. subduing "outsiders" (demonic forces); restraining the mouth that curses; etc. There are also five important angels aligned with the five letters of the Name (Ashtzei), i.e. (Azri’el); (Sari’el); (Tzadki’el); (Yisra’el) and (Y’hadri’el).

We are further told the gematria of (Ashtzei ) is equal to that of (Lilit ). It is said that the “secret” here is the protection of the “Brit Milah” (Holy Covenant [circumcised penis]) against impurities and spontaneous seminal flow, i.e. nocturnal emissions. Talking of “seminal flow,” I am reminded of the following Kamea in which the Name , in this instance vocalised Oshotziyiyi, is employed in conjunction with the Divine Name (Tzamarchad); (Anaktam Pastam Paspasim Dionsim [“Twenty-two Letter Name”]); and (Yohach Kalach). The Names of twenty angels are added to the mix, meant to support and protect a woman who suffers miscarriages and whose children are dying. The twenty angels listed in alphabetical order in the Kamea are:

Ori’el Baruchi’el G’dodi’el Dodi’el
Hadri’el Vataki’el Zehori’el Chasdi’el
Tuvi’el Yofi’el K’vodi’el Malchi’el
Nuri’el Satari’el Azri’el Palati’el
Tzadki’el K’doshi’el Rachmi’el Shamri’el
The amulet is written on deerskin parchment in the name of the individual requiring this support, hence the Kamea opens with her name written at the top of the amulet. Below the name insert the following written incantation:

Y’hi ratzon milfanecha YHVH Elohai v’Elohei avotai rofe rachman rofe ne’eman rofe chinam ozer kol ne’ezar rofe kol basar v’mafli l’asot sh’tishmor noset kamea zeh aleiha hi v’pri bitnah m’kol nez’kei shedin v’lilin v’ruchin b’ishin v’shivtah u’b’kumah u’v’lechtah u’v’vo’ah v’b’shichbah m’kol mikreh ra omein ken y’hi ratzon (Psalm 91:10) lo t’uneh alecha ra’ah v’nega lo yikrav b’oholecha b’shem LTA RVL YBK MYL LBD AKY PTB RASh VTT KVK BchV AKY ShYV AAB AVA BYShV ATY
May it be your will YHVH my God, and God of my fathers, merciful healer, loyal healer, gratuitous healer, helper of all who needs aid, healer of all flesh who works wonders, to save the one who is bearing this Kamea on herself and the fruit of her belly from all maleficent shedin (demonic fiends), and lilin (night demons), and ruchin (ghosts), and ishin (evil spirits), when she sits and when she rises, and when she goes and when she comes, from all bad incidents, Amen thus be it so willed. (Psalm 91:10) "There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy tent," in the Name of LTA RVL YBK MYL LBD AKY PTB RASh VTT KVK BchV AKY ShYV AAB AVA BYShV ATY
The concluding set of Divine Names was constructed from the initials of the words comprising Psalm 91:10. This set of Divine Names are said to have the power to defeat and eliminate all debilitating hindrances and evil situations.

Be that as it may, the Kamea is concluded by writing the following letter square, seals, Divine Names and Angelic Names below the incantation:

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