Monday, December 9, 2013

Amulets and Matters of the Heart - Part 1

There are certainly many Hebrew Amulets composed to engender “love.” It is understood that “love” equates with “grace” and “kindness,” hence Kameot meant to effectuate love also incorporate references to gracefulness and loving-kindness, as indicated in the next set of amulets. As it is, the following amulet is for love, grace and loving-kindness, and all seeking to increase these qualities in their lives should simply write the following seals on parchment, or a clean sheet of paper, and carry it on their person:

In the next amulet for finding favour and love in the eyes of specific individuals, the magical procedure is somewhat more intricate. In this instance you are required to write the following magical seals on the palm of your right hand:

Afterwards the hand with the writing is wiped on your face as you simultaneously say ten times (v’noach matza chen b’enei YHVH—“and Noah found grace in the eyes of YHVH”) [Genesis 6:8]. Continue the procedure by uttering the following adjuration:

Y’hi ratzon milfanecha shetitneni l’chen v’l’chesed b’enei [.....Ploni ben Ploni.....]
May it be your will that I will find grace and loving-kindness in the eyes of [.....fill in the Name.....]
Conclude the action by rinsing your hand in a bowl of water, and then imbibe this infused liquid. One final instruction remains. We are told that each time you should find yourself in the presence of the individual whose name you mentioned in your adjuration, i.e. the one from whom you are seeking favour and kindness, look at the palm of your right hand and say (Z’man peira’on Ori’el—“Payback time Ori’el").

The next amulet pertains to restoring affection between two friends. In this regard, we are told that when a conflict ensues between yourself and a friend, that you should write the following chotamot (magical seals) on a piece of parchment, which is afterwards tied to ones arm:

We are told that the friend will neither have peace nor find rest, until the matter is resolved and the friendship restored.

Now, the following seal pertains to being “in love,” or to affection of the “mating” kind. In this instance, when a woman openly expresses her desire for a man, he could affirm and, as it were, "seal" that attraction by first writing the following seals on his hand:

This is followed by placing the hand comprising the writing on her head. We are told that “then she will have you.” I would say if both parties wanted each other that badly, they could certainly “have” each other without any further ado! I suppose one might say these seals and action sets the right mood and energy like a spiritual to speak!

On the other hand, we are informed that when a husband suspects his wife of infidelity and desires her to “tell all,” he should write the following chotamot on his left hand, afterwards placing it on her heart:

We are told the lady in question will pour out her heart, revealing her every action. It is said the situation may be resolved, by her submitting to a period of around ten days of deliberate fasting and purification with fully focussed intent. Obviously this entire action pertains to a very forgiving husband.

(More to follow)

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