Saturday, January 25, 2014

"The Book of Seals & Amulets" in print!!

I am delighted to inform you that "The Book of Seals & Amulets" [508 pages] is now in print. This, the third volume of the "Shadow Tree Series," comprises a comprehensive investigation into the meaning and relevance of Celestial Alphabets, Magical Seals, Magic Squares, Divine and Angelic Names, etc., as well as their employment in Hebrew Amulets in order to benefit personal wellbeing in a most significant manner. Continuing the standards I set in "The Book of Self Creation" and "The Book of Sacred Names," I offer detailed instruction on the contents and construction of Hebrew Amulets. I again consulted the enormous array of relevant primary Hebrew literature, large sections of which are now available to an English readership for the first time.

"The Book of Seals & Amulets" comprises:

Chapter 1: Levanah — Sacred Names in Hebrew Amulets [106 pages]
A. Adonai
B. Ehyeh
C. Ineffable Name
D. Shadai
E. Enigmatic Divine Names
1. Agala’a
2. Azbogah
3. Atneik
4. BYT
5. Taftafyah
6. Yohach Kalach
7. Kuzu B’mochsaz Kuzu
8. Matz’patz
9. Ashtzei
10. Tzurtak
11. Tzamarchad
F. The Twenty-two Letter Name
G. The Forty-Two Letter Name
H. The Name of Seventy-two Names
I. Compounded Employment of Divine Names
Chapter 2: Kochav — Letter, Word & Number Squares [59 pages]
A. Letter Squares
B. Word Squares
C. Number Squares
1. Magic Square of the Third Order
2. Magic Square of the Fourth Order
3. Magic Square of the Fifth & Sixth Order
4. Magic Square of the Seventh Order
5. Magic Square of the Eighth & Ninth Order
Chapter 3: Nogah — Sacred Writ & Kameot [77 pages]
A. A River went out of Eden
B. Psalms.....Psalms.....Everywhere!
Psalm 1
Psalm 2
Psalm 67
Psalm 91
Psalm 106
Psalm 121
Chapter 4 : Shemesh — Secret Alphabets & Magical Seals [55 pages]
A. Celestial Alphabets
1. Kolmosin Micha’el
2. Kolmosin Gavri’el
3. Kolmosin Ori’el (Nuri’el)
4. K’tav Avar ha-Nehar
5. K’tav ha-Malachim
6. K’tav Tz’va ha-Shamayim
7. Alfa Beta shel Metatron
B. Chotamot (Magical Seals)
Chapter 5 : Madim — Angels, Demons & Amulets for Protection [45 pages]
A. Angelic Hosts
B. Fiendish Hordes
C. Amulets for Protection
Chapter 6 : TzedekKameot for Health, Wealth & Happiness [33 pages]
A. Health & Healing
B. Wealth & Success
C. Amulets & Elements
Chapter 7 : Shabetai — Patterns, Shapes & Sizes [43 pages]
A. Chabusa: Six-petalled Rosette
B. Menorah: Seven-branched Candelabrum
C. Magen David: Shield of David
D. The Hand
E. Printed Amulets
F. Disposing of Discarded Amulets
References & Bibliography [45 pages]

The “Shadow Tree Series” comprises a unique collection of Western Esoteric studies and practices which I have actuated and taught over a period of forty years. I commenced my Kabbalistic odyssey in the early 1970’s studying the doctrines of Lurianic Kabbalah, and later investigated the fascinating traditions of Practical Kabbalah. I also incorporated the teachings of my late mentor, the celebrated English Kabbalist William G. Gray, in my personal kabbalistic/magical worldview.

Having introduced a “nuts-and-bolts” insight into the inner workings of Ceremonial Magic and Practical Kabbalah in “The Book of Self Creation” and “The Book of Sacred Names,” I present further magical resources in “The Book of Seals & Amulets.”

In conclusion I should mention again that since I addressed in the current tome several hundred Hebrew amulets and related magical objects, i.e. Sigils, Magic Squares, Magical Alphabets, etc., I again elected to include original Hebrew texts with easily accessible accompanying transliterations and translations. As you might expect, "The Book of Seals & Amulets" comprises nearly 300 images of amulets and related illustrations, the largest majority of which were again from primary resources in the domain of "Practical Kabbalah,"

You can access "The Book of Seals & Amulets" and other publications of the Sangreal Sodality Press directly at:


Unknown said...

Amazing work! IMO you are the go-to authority on the subject of Kabbalah Ma'asit. I appreciate your labor and sharing this info.

Jacobus G. Swart said...

Thank you for your vote of confidence! Considering the vastness of the arena of Practical Kabbalah, I am still discovering something new every day, despite having spent several decades investigating this topic in great detail. I still feel like a rank beginner when it comes to this Tradition, and is sometimes quite startled by what is hidden in the nooks and crannies of the Kabbalah Ma'asit closet!

Um Servo da Igreja said...

Como fa├žo para adquirir,comprar esses livros?Gostei muito.

Jacobus G. Swart said...

The current three volumes of the "Shadow Tree Series," i.e. Volume 1: "The Book of Self Creation"; Volume 2: "The Book of Sacred Names"; and Volume 3: "The Book of Seals & Amulets", can be ordered online directly from:

Abraham Yehoshua said...

when will the version in pdf, a hug from Nicaragua ..... shalom