Saturday, December 26, 2015

"The Book of Immediate Magic - Part 1" in Print!!!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the publication of "The Book of Immediate Magic - Part 1" [500 pages]. This is the first part of volume four of the "Shadow Tree Series," and it perpetuates the fundamental tenets of "Self Creation" in which it is maintained that the "Centre" establishes the "Circumference," and that personal reality is emanated in harmony with personal "Will." Hence this tome comprises an enhancement and expansion of the magical doctrines and techniques of Kabbalah Ma’asit (Practical Kabbalah) addressed in “The Book of Self Creation,” “The Book of Sacred Names,” and “The Book of Seals & Amulets.”
The fundamental claim is that working “Immediate Magic” is neither impossible, nor a difficult matter, when we fully understand that consciousness is just one vast ocean, and thoughts are the waves we make in it. All we need to do is guide the "currents of consciousness" which circulate through the "Ocean of Awareness" we all share, so that everyone benefits because of the modulations we make. In one way it is like a flow of pure energy. Each separate mind that uses it, is processing it in some way which will affect other minds accepting it. We live in a "sea" of each other’s thoughts, therefore, wherever you get a collection of specialist minds deliberately working on that consciousness with one accord for some specific reason, you are bound to produce a corresponding result in recipients. Hence the purpose of ritualised practice as a convenience for coordinating consciousness. Simple as that!
"The Book of Immediate Magic - Part 1" comprises:
1. Or Oleh — The Self & Self Creation [62 pages]
A. The Importance of “Oneness”
B. Centre & Circumference
C. “Identification” Revisited
D. Emotions: “Tuning in to God Forces”
E. The “Nil Centre”
2. Or Hagdalat — Divine Names & the Human Body [76 pages]
A. Improving Breath & Lung Capacity
B. Five Energy Centres & Ten Gates
1. Sound & the Five Body Centres
2. Uttering Sacred Names
3. Opening the Ten Gates
C. Directing the “Spirit Forces” of Divine Names
D. Shefa: Divine Abundance & Sacred Names
E. Tuning & Restructuring a Male Body
3. Or Yored — Spirit Forces & Sacred Names [91 pages]
A. The Quarters & the Elements
B. The Sacred Space & Gevulim: Boundaries
C. Aligning with “Spirit Forces”
1. The Hebrew Alphabet: Otiot
2. The Potency of Achatri’el
3. The “Shem Vayisa Vayet” Revisited
4. Alignment with the Divine Self
4. Or Chozer — Becoming a Living Kamea [100 pages]
A. Protection
1. The “Forty-two Letter Name of God”
2. Taftafyah: A Divine & Angelic Name
3. Special & Unique Protection
4. Protection in Times of War & Finding Peace
5. Keeping Human Evil in Check
B. Divine Aid, Guidance & Support
1. Divine Guidance & Protection
2. Invoking Immediate Spiritual Support
3. Invoking Divine Aid & Halting Epilepsy
C. Health & Healing
1. Maintaining Good Health
2. Healing & Physical Restoration
D. Study & Comprehension
1. Improving Learning Ability
2. Cultivating a strong Memory
E. Finance & Business Endeavours
1. Livelihood, Benefaction & Benevolence
2. Success in Business Endeavours
3. Success in General
F. Engendering Love & Affection
G. Guardian Malachim: Spirit Messengers
5. Or P’nimi — Chants & Incantations [108 pages]
A. Preparation of Body, Mind & Soul
B. Formulas for Hebrew Incantations
1. Divine Names & Magical Purposes
2. Angels & Magical Purposes
3. Statements of Magical Intent
4. Incantation Formulas
C. Incantations for a Meaningful Life
1. Support & Protection
2. Health & Healing
3. Love, Grace & Loving-Kindness
4. Endeavours of Great Joy
5. Sanctification of the Moon
6. Financial Success
7. Blessing the “Self”
8. Invoking “Divine Justice”
References & Bibliography [23 pages]
The “Shadow Tree Series” comprises a unique collection of Western Esoteric studies and practices which I have actuated and taught over a period of forty years. I commenced my journey into the domain of Jewish Mysticism in the early 1970’s investigating mainstream Kabbalah, later diversifying into the magical mysteries of Practical Kabbalah. I equally expanded my personal perspectives of Western Magical Traditions under the careful tutelage of my late mentor, the celebrated English Kabbalist William G. Gray.
As in the case of all the previous and equally the forthcoming volumes comprising the “Shadow Tree Series,” the current text is dealing with the topic of the “magical” in our Tradition. In this regard, I again consulted an array of primary Hebrew literature, major portions of which are being made accessible in translation to an English readership for the first time.
You can access "The Book of Immediate Magic - Part 1" and other publications of the Sangreal Sodality Press directly at:


Unknown said...

You mention a group of "specialist minds"...Do the methods in The Book of Immediate Magic apply only or mostly to groups, or can they be used by the solitary student? Thank you.

Jacobus G. Swart said...

Hello Rod, The techniques in "The Book of Immediate Magic" could be employed by both solitary practioners and groups. However, most of the techniques were derived from primary Jewish Magical (Practical Kabbalah) texts geared towards single practitioners rather than groups, the idea being that since the "magical power," so to speak, is within each one of us, every person could work the practices succesfully anywhere, even whilst travelling on a bus.

ArsMasonica said...

Do you need to work through the previous 3 books before attempting this one?

Jacobus G. Swart said...

The current tome could be employed entirely on its own without reference to the earlier volumes. However, a number of techniques addressed in the first volume, "The Book of Self Creation," are relevant in "The Book of Immediate Magic - Part 1" in which several magical practices and meditational techniques addressed in the earlier three volumes are conjoined.

Unknown said...

Hi Jacobus, your work is impressive, I would like to know if there's a link that shows the content(index) of the book of self-creation, thanks.

Jacobus G. Swart said...

Hello Rene, You can find the index and a sample of "The Book of Self Creation" at