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The Name Shadai in Hebrew Amulets - Part 2

Continuing where we left off, the six permutations equally feature in the following protection Kamea, in which they are aligned with the six letters of the Name (Taftafyah), as well as with the six points of the hexagram:

The inscription in the centre of the amulet reads:
Al tz’va yiyeh lo l’tzva al magen yiyeh lo l’magen tzaveh pachad b’shem Pachdi’el
The host [forces] will be the host, the shield will be the shield commanding fear in the name of Pachdi’el
As indicated in several instances in "The Book of Seals and Amulets," the Name Shadai is often utilised in Hebrew amulets in conjunction with other Divine Names and magical symbols. In the following instance it is employed conjointly with the Ineffable Name, for the purposes of reversing the ill fortune of a woman whose sons die in infancy:

The curious Divine Name construct in the centre comprises the initials of the words of Exodus 23:26 reading:

Lo tih’yeh m’shakelah va’akarah b’artzecha et mispar yamecha amalei
None shall miscarry, nor be barren, in thy land; the number of thy days I will fulfil.
The vowels employed in the said Divine Name construct, are exactly those aligned with the initial letters of the words in the biblical phrase. These vowels are also aligned with the four appearances of the Ineffable Name, the order being top right, top left, bottom right and bottom left. As you have probably noticed, the additional concluding two vowels employed in the Ineffable Name bottom left, do not appear in the central Divine Name construct. They were derived from the two vowels of the word (Omein—"Amen").

We are informed the angel associated with this Kamea is (Shma’el), however I personally think this angelic reference pertains to (Shmai’el), an angel from the angelic caste of the (Ofanim). Be that as it may, I would personally include the angelic Name in the Kamea, perhaps on the rear of the amulet. As it is, there are several references to this Spirit Intelligence in Jewish magic.

However, to achieve the intended aim of this current Kamea, one is instructed to create four copies of this amulet, to be hung on the four corners of the house in which the mentioned unfortunate woman resides. Curiously enough, the Divine Name , when conjoined with the four letters of the Ineffable Name, affords us set of three Divine Names, which are equally employed to forfend miscarriage. These are:

In order to achieve the stated aim, these Divine Names should be engraved on a silver disk, which is afterwards placed inside a little container, i.e. a locket, to be worn on the person of the individual needing this support.
(More to follow)

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