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The Name Shadai in Hebrew Amulets - Part 5

I made reference to the name (B'dafti'el) earlier, and thought I should mention that we are informed that if you recall the name B’dafti’el when travelling around at night, you will have no fear since no harm will befall you, and you will not be beset by any injurious spirits. It is worth noting that the gematria of (B’dafti’el)

is equal to that of the word (Kol—“voice,” “sound” and “thunder” ). In this regard we are reminded that the gematria of the full spelling of the letters comprising the word , i.e. , and

is equal to that of the word (Ga’ar—“to scold” ). In this regard, it is understood that the “voice” of B’dafti’el “rebukes” all evil, including the Klipot (demonic shards).

Now, I have been addressing the employment of Divine Names and biblical verses to avert miscarriage and protect infants. In this regard, there is a simple practice in which the Name Shadai is utilised to aid a woman who lost her sons. In this instance seven coins are collected from seven pregnant ladies. These coins are conjoined into a single disc on which the Name (Shadai) is engraved, which is afterwards placed in the hand of the sorely afflicted woman. In contrast to other similar practices listed elsewhere in "The Book of Seals and Amulets," this specific working does not appear to require any prior purification or, for that matter, any special prior preparation.

The Name (Shadai) is also said to alleviate the plight of a woman who has suffered miscarriage. In this instance one starts the procedure by writing Psalm 55:9 [8] and Genesis 21:1 on deerskin parchment, or a sheet of clean good quality paper. It is good to verbalise the words as one writes them. The said verses read:

(Psalm 55:9 [8]) Achishah miflat li meiruach so’ah misa’ar
(Genesis 22:1) v’YHVH pakad et Sarah ka’asher amar
Psalm 55:9 [8]) I would haste me to a shelter from the stormy wind and tempest.
(Genesis 22:1) And YHVH remembered Sarah as He had said.
Next continue, by writing the following incantation:

B’shem Shadai tehe kamea zu l’[.....Plonit bat Plonit.....] shelo tapil yeladeiah v’lo mitipat dam ha-mapelet lo yiyeh miskal v’miskalah b’shem Ehyeh asher Ehyeh YH YHVH ub’shem Micha’el Gavri’el Rafa’el Dani’el Katuti’el Pani’el Sanoi Sansanoi Semangelof Omein Netzach Selah Va-ed
In the Name Shadai this Kamea will be for [.....fill in the name of the sufferer.....] that she will not abort her children, and not emit any blood of a miscarriage, and will not loose boys or girls. In the Name Ehyeh asher Ehyeh YH YHVH and in the name Micha’el Gavri’el Rafa’el Dani’el Katuti’el Pani’el Sanoi Sansanoi Semangelof Amen Victory Selah Forever.
Afterwards the Kamea is carried on the arm of the woman in question.

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