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Alfa Beta Shel Metatron: The Alphabet of Metatron – Part 5

(Lamed) The magical glyph for the letter (Lamed) is said to represent the crown of a king. In this regard, we are informed that those who are studying (Lamed) Torah, and who are controlling their darker passions, so to speak, will be granted an exalted status befitting a king as well as a crown in the world to come, similarly to the biblical Joseph who, by controlling his emotional self, was granted rulership and a crown by the Pharaoh of Egypt.

We are reminded that the letter Lamed is located in the Hebrew alphabet between (Kaf) and (Mem). When read in reverse, the combination spells (Melech—King).

(Mem) We are told that the magical glyph for the letter (Mem) represents an empty womb. We are also reminded that the numerical value of this letter is forty since the womb remains empty after conception for around forty days when the foetus starts to take on a definite shape. We are further informed that this magical glyph indicates an empty stomach, referring to Moses having maintained a fast for forty days during the period he remained in the celestial realms during his reception of the Torah.
On the other hand, the meaning of the letter Mem is “water” (Mayim), and it is said that the current magical glyph symbolizes a pool which requires the exact amount of forty “seahs” (measures) to qualify as a Mikveh (ritual bath).

(Nun) The magical glyph for the letter (Nun) is said to symbolize a shield. In this regard, we are enjoined (yit’halel ha-gibor big’vurato—“Let not the mighty man glory in his might”) (Jeremiah 9:22 [23]), and that he should rather trust in the One who is Awesome (Nora), Almighty God.

In the current instance the magical glyph is said to be a “shield” with three endings, i.e. two on top and one below. “shield.” The upper two endings are said to refer respectively to two biblical figures, i.e. the Patriarch Abraham and King David, who were granted Divine protection. In this regard, the Eternal One told our father Abraham (Anochi magen lach—“I am thy shield”) (Genesis 15:1), and King David exclaimed (magini v’keren yish’i—“my shield and my horn of salvation”) (Psalm 18:2 [3]).

On the other hand, we are informed the three endings of the current magical glyph refer to the first three letters of the Ineffable Name, i.e. (YHV), which were engraved on the impregnable shield of King David conjointly with the opening phrase of Exodus 15:11 reading (Mi chamocha ba’elim YHVH—“Who is like unto Thee YHVH among the mighty?”). The initial letters of the four words comprising this phrase form the acronym (Makabi). In this regard, we are told that the last recipient of King David’s shield was the great Judas Maccabeus (Yehudah ha-Makabi).

(Samech) The letter combination (Samech) refers to the concept of sustaining or supporting. This is said to pertain to the statement (Somech YHVH l’chol ha-noflim—“YHVH upholdeth all that fall”) (Psalm 145:14). In this regard, we are told that the magical glyph for the letter Samech represents a tree extending its fresh green leafy branches.

We are also told that whilst the magical symbol for the letter Samech is upright, it appears to be pierced by an arrow. In this regard, we are informed that Pharaoh pursued the Israelites after they departed Egypt, and that he fired arrows at them, but that the latter were swallowed up by the clouds protecting the Israelites all round (Saviv saviv).

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