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Amulets and Matters of the Heart - Part 2

Regarding magical seals the fundamental purpose of which pertains to the generation of love of the more emotional/physical kind, a fair number can be traced in primary Jewish magical texts, amongst others the following famous one of which various versions can be found in primary Jewish magical literature:

These “magical seals” are employed to kindle or rekindle love between a husband and wife, or between one individual and another. We are instructed to write Deuteronomy 6:5 at the very top of the amulet:

v’ahavta et YHVH eloheicha b’chol l’vav’cha uv’chol nafsh’cha u’v’chol m’odecha
And thou shalt love YHVH thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.
Below this is written the following adjuration, which includes the names of a set of Spirit Intelligences in charge of Love, of which the following arrangement is said to be correct:

Y’hi ratzon milfanecha YHVH Elohai v’Elohei avotai shetishlach malachecha ha-kadoshim ha-memonim al ahavah PTTzShA TA HVHY KYHLA ShLCh KShShL PShLCh TVBL shiyasimu ahavah v’achvah bein [.....Ploni ben Ploni.....] u’vein [.....Ploni ben Ploni.....] v’lo tiyeh l’hem sin’ah v’lo kin’ah v’lo tacharut v’lo k’tatah v’lo davar ra v’lo lev ra ela lev shalem v’lev tov v’ahavah shalom v’rei’ut mei’atah v’ad olam Omein Netzach Selah Va’ed
May it be your will YHVH my God, and God of my fathers, to send your Holy Angels in charge of love PTTzShA TA HVHY KYHLA ShLCh KShShL PShLCh TVBL to establish love and unity between [.....fill in the name of the first individual.....] and [.....fill in the name of the second individual.....], and they will not have hatred, and no jealousy, and no rivalry, and no quarrels, and no bad thing, and no bad heart, only a complete heart and a good heart, and love and unity and peace and friendship, from now unto eternity Amen, Enduring (Victory), Selah, Forever.
In conclusion, the “Magical Seal” is located on the reverse side of the amulet.

Whilst this amulet may be somewhat complex in its construction, the following three sets of “magical seals” are also employed in Kameot to encourage physical love, and are easily constructed. The first set is utilised in the strengthening of love between married partners, or between a woman and a man. To achieve this aim, the following chotamot (magical seals) should be written by each one of the partners on sheets of clean, good quality paper, which is afterwards exchanged between them, and respectively carried on their persons:

The second set of magical seals is employed to engender a bond of love between one individual and another. In this regard, the instruction is for the individual seeking to engender love, to write on the second day of the week (Monday – Day of the Moon), his personal name and the name of his mother on the palm of his hand, i.e. “so and so son of so and so.” Next, the name of the one in whom the fire of love is to be awakened, as well as the name of her mother, is likewise written on the palm of the same hand. This is concluded by adding the following magical seals to the writing. It is said that if the individual seeking love should afterwards put his hand on the one he desires, “he will be blessed” with affection.

The third set is for a young lady seeking to be married. In this regard, the instruction is for her to write the following chotamot, which should be hung on the door of her residence or bedroom:

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