Monday, July 18, 2011

The Image on the Cover: "Universal Shiviti Amulet" - Part 1

Following a private query regarding the "image on the cover" of "The Book of Sacred Names," I thought readers of this blog may be equally interested in the details. My querant wanted to know what it is, who created it, and where she might be able to acquire a larger copy than the image on the book cover I posted here.
It is called a "Universal Shiviti Amulet," the contents of which is addressed in great detail in "The Book of Sacred Names." It is a large, poster size (A1) talismanic construct comprised of verses from the biblical "Book of Psalms," sets of Divine as well as Angelic Names, and Chotamot (Magical Seals).
As is the case with all "Shiviti amulets," this construct is meant to protect its "owner" against all evil intentions and adversity, however it is also designed to "generate" beneficent circumstances. Besides this, it is employed as a visual meditation device, which is similar to oriental mandalas. In this regard the image is meant to facilitate special alignment with the "Spiritual Forces" behind the letters, words, verses, and Divine Names invoked during meditation. In fact, it is understood that the "inherent power" of a Shiviti amulet is triggered, so to speak, by anyone glancing at it.
Regarding the "creator" of the "Universal Shiviti Amulet," I humbly admit that I am the responsible party. I constructed it over a period of approximately a year from a variety of traditional amulets, in accordance with a specific design and by following definite rules. The large central "Magen David" portion, which incorporates, amongst others, the "Forty-two Letter Name" and the "Name of Seventy-two Names," was derived from the following well-known, highly decorative, sixteenth century "protection amulet":
I will shortly post a fuller analysis of the contents of the "Universal Shiviti Amulet." As far as procuring a poster size copy of this Amulet is concerned, details can be found from the "Sangreal Sodality Press" link on the Sangreal Sodality® website which you can access directly at:

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