Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Image on the Cover: "Universal Shiviti Amulet" - Part 3

E. Magic Squares:
1. Top Right—Twelve Permutations of - YHVH
2. Top Left—Twelve Permutations of - EHYEH
3. Bottom Right:
a. Outer Square: - TAFTAFYAH
b. Middle Square: - AGALA'A
This Divine Name is derived from the first letters of the following phrase from the Amidah prayer:
Atah Gibor l'Olam Adonai
You are mighty throughout eternity Adonai
c. Centre Square: - YHVH
4. Bottom Left:
a. Outer Square: - MATZPATZ
YHVH transposed according to the Atbash cipher.
b. Inner Square: - YVD HY VYV HY
5. Bottom Border Centre:
a. Reading the first letter in each box:
Upper Row: - EHYeH
Middle Row: - YHVH
Lower Row: - AdoNaY
b. Reading the second letter in each box:
Yislach Ezrecha Mikodesh (Psalm 20:3)
c. Reading the third letter in each box:
Yishmar'cha mikol ra Y"Sh (Psalm 121:7)
d. Reading the fourth letter in each box:
Yishmor Tzet'cha Uvo'echa (Psalm 121:8)
Ehyeh YHVH Adonai, may He send you help from (His) holiness, may He guard you from all evil (Blessed be His Name), may He guard your going forth and coming in.
(more to follow)

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