Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Image on the Cover: "Universal Shiviti Amulet" - Part 9

G. Positioned External to and Within the Centre of the Magen David Complex:
1. - Yohach Kalach
Final letters of the words of Psalm 91:11
ki mal'achav y'tzaveh lach lishmorcha b'chol d'rachecha
"For He will give his Angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways."
2. Six Archangels within the Magen David Complex aligned with the three repetitions of Yohach Kalach
H. Central Magen David
1. - Taftafyah
Letters positioned in the corner triangles of the hexagram.
This Divine Name is composed of the first two letters of verses 69, 70 and 76 of Psalm 119 which read:
(verse 69) Taf'lu alai sheker zeidim ani b'chol lev etzor pikudecha.
(verse 70) Tafash kachelev libam ani torat’cha shi'asha'e'ti.
(verse 76) Y'hi na chasd'cha l'nachameini k'imratecha l'avdecha.
(verse 69) "The proud have forged a lie against me; but I with my whole heart will keep Thy precepts."
(verse 70) "Their heart is gross like fat; but I delight in Thy law."
(verse 76) "Let, I pray Thee, Thy lovingkindness be ready to comfort me, according to Thy promise unto Thy servant."
2. - Shadai
The Universal Shiviti Kame'a concludes with the powerful Divine Name Shadai in its very centre.
(The End)

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