Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Adoniram and Kabbalistic Dream Questioning

In researching the procedures of "letter reductions" for "The Book of Hebrew Amulets," I spotted the curious use of the name Adoniram in She'elat Chalom, Kabbalistic "Dream Questioning," in which the name in question is written in the following manner:
Considered a "Name of Power," this word/letter combination is written on the palm of the left hand prior to retiring to sleep in order to elicit a clear answer to any unanswered query one might have. It seems the basic reasoning behind this specific use of the word combination in question, is that it serves as a screen through which the sought after answer could be had in the most direct manner.
Now, I am particularly curious as to why the word Adoniram, the personal name of a biblical personality who was responsible for forced labour in ancient Israel, and who was stoned to death when he acted as a collector of compulsory tax, should have this special power? As it is, the name in question means "My Lord is Lofty," and I am well aware that it is associated in Chabad teaching with the Kabbalistic doctrines pertaining to the "sparks" of Divine Light trapped in this world of "Fallen Shards." In this regard, it is maintained that the name Adoniram, meaning "My Master is Exalted," alludes "to the elevation of sparks which reconnects the Godliness trapped in this world, where God is the ‘Master,’ to the sublime ‘exalted’." This peculiar reasoning is backed with further ruminations on the "compulsory tax" referred to in the biblical phrase "Adoniram was in charge of the levy," which is purported to indicate that, from the "perspective" of the earlier mentioned "Divine Sparks," "elevation must occur," and that "it follows that the only obstacle to this elevation is to be found within the person himself." [comments by Chaim Miller in "The Gutnick Edition" of "The Chumash: The Book of Exodus" on related references in the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s "Sefer ha-Ma’amarim Melukat," Vol. 6, p. 39]
This reasoning notwithstanding, I am still curious as to why the name Adoniram, employed in this singular manner in Kabbalistic "Dream Questioning" procedures, should be considered a particularly powerful way in which direct responses can be facilitated from "Spiritual Sources"?
Any further elucidations and indications of primary sources would be greatly appreciated.

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