Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Forty-two Letter Name for Health and Healing

Considering a recent query on how the "Forty-two Letter Name" of God might be employed for the purposes of healing and the restoration of health, I thought, whilst there are several related methods doing the rounds, that I would share the one delineated below, since it is particularly effective and relatively easy to execute.
As indicated previously, the seven six-letter divisions of the "Forty-two Letter Name" of God and the "Ana Bechoach" prayer are aligned with the seven lower spheres on the sefirotic tree, as shown below:
In the current instance I wish to focus on the second three-letter subdivision of the seventh portion of the Divine Name in question, i.e. the section of the "Forty-two Letter Name" related to Malchut (Kingdom), which is employed, amongst others, for purposes of health and healing.
As is the case with all these specific sub-divisions of the "Forty-two Letter Name," this portion is conjoined with the Ineffable Name in the following manner:
The unified Name is vocalised (Yitzohayav’t’ha). The main angel associated with is (Gadi’el), some say (Gavri’el). This “Spirit Intelligence” has three assistants, i.e. (Tzadki’el), (Yeho’el), and (Tama’el). The power of this portion of the “Forty-two Letter Name” as well as its associated “Spirit Intelligences,” pertains to increasing the popularity of those who call upon them in the Name of God. In this regard, alignment with these “Spirit Forces” is understood to cause everyone you may encounter to like you, and, what is more, no special purification is required prior to invoking their support.
This is a truly multi-functional portion of the “Forty-Two Letter Name,” since TzoYaT’, Yitzohayav’t’ha, and its affiliated “Spirit Forces,” are called upon for protection in both rural and urban areas, and, curiously enough, they also have the power to halt violent hail storms. Furthermore, anyone suffering from illness will be healed speedily when one adjures the mentioned “Spirit Intelligences” to aid this intention, and when one utters over the afflicted individual. I have employed this Name, its combination with the Ineffable Name, and the associated “Spirit Power” for this very purpose with excellent results. Similarly, TzoYaT’ has the ability to banish malevolent “Spirit Forces” and restore the well-being of an individual who suffers their affliction.

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