Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More on the "Forty-two Letter Name" for Health & Healing

Whilst I have earlier shared one specific portion of the "Forty-two Letter Name" employed in spiritual healing, i.e. , the very last portion the Name in question specifically pertaining to the sphere of Malchut, the "Kingdom" of the physical world in which we recide, it should be noted that other portions of the said Divine Name are equally utilized for the same purposes. In this regard, as addressed in fair detail in "The Book of Sacred Names," , the second portion of the first section of the "Forty-two Letter Name" which relates to Chesed (Lovingkindness), is considered exceedingly powerful in terms of the improvement of the health of a sickly individual, especially when it is conjoined with the Name (Adonai).
Then there is also the second section of the "Forty-two Letter Name," i.e. (Karastan) which relates to the sphere of Gevurah (Strength/Severity). It is not only employed in its entirety in Kame’ot and Segulot in conjunction with Psalm 119 for healing purposes, but, when vocalised "Kra Satan," it is loudly exclaimed in healing incantations. Regarding the latter application, we might consider that this portion of the "Forty-two Letter Name" is also shouted three times in exactly the same manner when an individual wishes to obliterate the impact of the “evil eye,” i.e. when at the receiving end of hate, resentment, jealousy, etc.
Here the fundamental reasoning appears to be the letters of the word (Kra—“to tear”), which could be permuted to read (Akar—“to uproot” or “to remove”), hence the statement “K’ra Satan” can be read “remove Satan.” As indicated, this expression is associated with Gevurah, and hence it is believed that this exclamation is invoking the power of severe Judgment (Din), in order to “tear” an individual away from illness. We are also told the letters comprising the Name are respectively the initials of powerful “Spirit Messengers,” all of whom are instantly invoked when “K’ra Satan” is vocalised with mental focus and physical force.
Curiously enough, this portion of the “Forty-two Letter Name” is said to pertain to Moses “splitting and dividing the Yam (sea).” It appears that the invocation Moses employed had separated, literally torn away, the adversary from the Yam. Thus those who use the “K’ra Satan” exclamation in healing incantations, are repeating the procedure Moses employed to separate the waters, albeit the aim being to “separate from disease” rather than dividing the waters of the seas.

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