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Maggidim: Spirit Messengers - Part 2

It should be noted that from the sixteenth century, the invocation of Maggidim became quite commonplace amongst Kabbalists, whereas prior to that it was a specialised and rare occurrence. Through Maggidism the Kabbalist draws on the vast spiritual realm of sages, saints and celestial guides, the realm of Elijah, as well as the embodied essences of scriptures. In the eighteenth century Moses Chayim Luzzatto wrote to a friend concerning his own Maggid, saying: “I admit that since 1727 God has been gracious to me by dispatching to me a Holy One from heaven who reveals to me.....nightly secrets....He promised me that I would be privileged to hear [the utterances] from the very mouth of the prophet Elijah and even the living words of the lord. And as he promised, so it came. When the appointed time arrived, the prophet Elijah revealed himself to me, followed by the Holy Souls who abide on this earth ready to fulfil the tasks of the Lord.....and with their assistance I composed many and important works.”
This occurred when Rabbi Luzzatto fell asleep while chanting Yichudim, which are Kabbalistic mantras and formulas comprising Divine Names. He woke up suddenly when a voice called to him in Aramaic, saying: “I have come down to reveal hidden secrets of the Holy King.” At first Rabbi Luzzatto was afraid and trembling, he listened to the voice enumerating Kabbalistic teachings, and what must have been a surprise to him, was that the Maggid did not appear physically, but spoke with his own mouth and voice.
It was only after several occurrences that the voice admitted to being a Maggid, promising the young Kabbalist “formulas to keep in mind every day,” and Rabbi Luzzatto’s relationship with the Maggid eventually grew so deep that he received immediate and pertinent answers to his questions. Later the Maggid stopped the Rabbi from using Kabbalistic formulas, replacing them with a Holy Name, at which time came the promise of visual contact with Elijah. The prophet in turn appeared and promised the Kabbalist contact with the archangel Metatron, the Angel of the Presence and “Great Guardian of Heaven,” and, as Luzzatto later reported in his diary: “I can recognise each one of them. Also there are Holy Souls who come, their names I know not, and they tell me new things which I write down.....All these things I am doing while falling on my face and while seeing the Holy Souls as if through a dream in human forms.” The Rabbi lived for three years in almost continuous ecstasy, while keeping very quiet about his revelations. Afterwards, with the aid of a close friend, he started imparting his messages to others.
The whole process of meeting and mingling with Maggidim is due to the practice of Devekut, Divine Union or Cleaving to God. Again the practice of Devekut results in prophecy, communication with Maggidim, and even in power over the laws of nature. This happens because Kabbalists, through their attempts towards spiritual perfection, return to their source, or “soul root” as it is sometimes called. The mental power and compassion of Kabbalists would then vastly expand as they become gradually more Godlike. The more this happens, the greater becomes the ability to communicate with “Celestial Intelligences.” As Kabbalists continue to utter Sacred Names of God, also employing different breathing patterns, procedures understood to be tying them to the Spirit World, they obtain a high level of prophetic ability and raise themselves into vastly expanded states of consciousness.
We should note that the practice of Devekut leads to a sacred Zivug, or coupling, a sacred sexual act between God and the soul, which is often followed by the appearance of a Maggid. In a relationship of this nature with God, incredible, spontaneous states of ecstasy occur, in which Kabbalists are flooded with a Divine influx or bliss called Shefa. This would literally turn the practitioner into a physically incarnated Divine Messenger or Maggid, and then it is believed this Kabbalist could fulfil the function of instructing others.
I should stress again that everything discussed here, and all manifestation, whether materialised outside or inside ones own being, are part of the universal “I Am.” Each one of us creates our own realities, and if the Maggidim, the “spirits” of external and internal manifestation are conversing with us, it is due to the fact that we are ready and “open” to “meaningfulness.” It all depends on the alertness, the awakeness, of the Kabbalist as to whether he/she gets the messages or not. It depends equally on whether that individual is open, receptive and expanded enough to actually get the meaning, i.e. trained enough in the practice of approaching life in terms of meanings, and finding for oneself through this the symbols of consciousness, the relevant “Inner Language” without which one would not get very far.
Life will have no meaning if you do not attempt to discover the meaning, or give it meaning if it does not have any for you. One should at least try to interpret the relevance while still on the ground, so to speak, so that when you eventually get off the surface of this mundane existence into loftier realms, all the meanings will “speak” to you. You must first build communication, a process of great importance, in which acknowledging “god-forces,” your emotions, is imperative, since those are the responses from the spirit world.
We know these “subtle intelligences” can appear beautiful or hideous, protective or menacing, depending on the thought or emotion which has given them life. We know to some extent that creation and manifested life originate in the physical and mental attributes of man himself, and if you do not know this, then it is time you start thinking about it. All life existing everywhere is created by your Self. All life, the whole universe in fact, is created by your Self. By this I do not mean the small part incarnated in the body, but the “I AM.” It is like the illustration based on the famous “Through the Looking Glass,” showing Alice standing on a checkerboard floor and staring into the “looking glass” in which she observes her own reflection as a shadow. Within this shadow she observes universes, galaxies, suns, moons and planets, but what she does not realise is that she is looking at herself. She thinks she is looking at things out there, while in reality it is all a reflection of Self.
Regarding “spirit intelligences,” I have to admit that my own relationship with them has been rather shaky. My particular “Inners,” as I like to call them, have not been a very forthcoming group, however admirable they may be in other ways. They do their job, but they do not give any prizes so to speak. They are extremely cryptic, and I do not believe they treat anyone else better than they treat me. I have certainly never had a personal hot line to God or lesser celestial authorities. About all I am told is to shut up and get on with the job. Personally I find these “Higher Orders of Life” very hard to deal with, not always particularly cooperative so far as human affairs are concerned, and not very exciting to work with. They seem to choose whether they want to work with you or not, and when these “forces” elect to work with you, they can disrupt your life quite considerably.
These “Inners” have also communicated with me in the form of “Voices,” and I have regularly woken up in the middle of the night to the sound of my own voice. Believe it or not, this is not an uncommon phenomenon, but can be rather perplexing when you suddenly find yourself speaking without having any control over it. All the same, it does not always do to be too meekly acceptant of whatever “Inner Voices” tell you. My own experience of life has led me to treat all “Voices” with extreme caution. I would not rely on them a single inch past the edge of my own judgment. Remarkable as they are, I have found they are purely concerned with the pursuit of their specific spiritual work, regardless of the humans they use as instruments to work with. So far as they are concerned, humans are expendable and disposable if need be.
Provided you listen, and then make up your mind what action you will take and do so on your own responsibility entirely, that will be fine. Never do anything purely because some “Voice” says so. Think it out for yourself, and then do what you will because you agree or disagree with what you heard. If you act blindly, without reasoning, they will ultimately let you ruin yourself. They did not save countless individuals from agonizing deaths. To them, deaths and disasters are but mere incidentals of an overall individual experience of identity through a “Line of Light” covering a lot of Cosmos. They do not see why we should mind being the subjects of their experiments with Existence, any more than we ask why animals or plants should object to our eating or experimenting with them.
If you meet their consciousness with your own on terms of mutual respect, based on acknowledgement of each other’s functions in a common Cosmic cause, you will make a good enough relationship, but the moment you accept everything the “Voices” say without question, you make trouble for yourself. Your only real protection is to become a living “Question Mark” yourself. Query everything all the time, and in the end, let the ultimate decision be yours.
You will naturally wonder why I bother at all with “Spirit Intelligences.” The reason is simply because it was in me before I was born, just as others have it in themselves for the same purpose. Call it “Fate” if you like. We came here to do specific jobs, and until we do them we shall be bound to human bodies.

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