Thursday, December 8, 2011

"And a river went out of Eden" - Part 6

We are informed that through the Names of the four "Edenic Rivers" we can witness the wonders of El Chai, the Powerful Overlord of Life. As noted previously, the very Name of the Eternal One is in (Pishon), the name of the first of the four "Rivers." In this regard we are told that there is no disease in the world which cannot be cured by the letters of this single Name, including the alleviation of conditions like infertility; the elimination of all plagues and epidemics, whether pertaining to man or beast; etc.
Moses Zacutto advised us that there is nothing to compare with the power of the Name in question, which he said can also be employed to control the injurious impact of crawling insects on our world and ourselves. As delineated in the second part of these articles, the "secret" of is in the first four letters of this name expressing the Ineffable Name. Just as the Name Pishon includes fhe Name , so is the Name (Ehyeh) hidden in the first four letters of the Name . In like manner the "secret" of the Name is the Divine Name (Adonai), and that of the fourth "Edenic River," (Frat), is said to be its connection to the (Merkavah), the divine "Chariot Throne," which pertains to the Name (Yabok) being hidden in the Name Frat.
Be that as it may, considering the remarkable powers of the Names of the four "Edenic Rivers," we are informed that these pertain to a most potent segulah, the latter being delineated in "The Book of Sacred Names" as "a unique action or an object, often comprised of Divine Names, special signs, words or phrases, which is considered to be a most precious ‘spiritual treasure’ to be employed in a unique manner, in order to affect a physical outcome in harmony with the intention of the one who employs the segulah." In the current instance the segulah comprises the previously delineated Names of the "four Rivers," including their combinations and permutations, written in soluble ink on parchment (clean white paper will do nicely). For the sake of easy reference, here is the entire set again:
Following the writing of these combinations, the letters comprising the names are dissolved by soaking the parchment in havdalah wine, which is afterwards quaffed by the one requiring the segulah. In this regard, some stress that all the wine must be consumed to the very last drop, whilst others claim that a single drop of this wine is enough to work the full power of this segulah within ones body. Still others maintain that the Names of the four "Edenic Rivers," as well as their mentioned combinations and permutations, should be engraved on the inside of the silver cup, effectively turning the chalice into a kamea or "power object." In this manner the wine, when poured into the cup, would be potently infused with the "forces" inherent in the Names. This is considered to be equally as powerful as writing the Names on parchment and then dissolving them in the wine. There are however some disagreement about this, which include variant instructions regarding the exact amount of the "magically infused wine" one has to imbibe.
Personally I could not care less about such disparities, and have no interest in any of the affiliated bickering, my only concern being the effectiveness of the "method" employed to work the "magic," i.e. whether it achieves the sought-after objective. Notwithstanding this, I believe it would be a damn-sight easier to write the combinations of Names and their permutations on parchment, than it would be to find an individual willing to work the arduous task of engraving that mass of peculiar writing faultlessly on the inside of a silver chalice!

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