Thursday, March 15, 2012

Amulets for Wealth & Happiness - Part 1

Having received several queries regarding the magical "manifestation of wealth" in ones life, I thought I would share with you a unique Hebrew amulet, an application of which I discussed in "The Book of Sacred Names." In fact, I concluded the mentioned tome with this very special Kame’a which, whilst useful for a variety of intentions, was employed for the purpose of acquiring wealth.
An associate, who utilised this amulet for “financial” reasons, informed me that since he personally found it difficult to recreate this Kame’a by hand, he thought he could get equally good results if he printed a good electronic image of the Kame’a on the finest paper or board. This is quite acceptable, since printed copies of amulets have been in use since the invention of the printing press, and these have turned out to be quite efficacious.
Since the basic intention of my associate was to use this Kame’a to generate circumstances which would afford him the greatest opportunity to acquire financial freedom, he decided to employ Hebrew words pertaining to “wealth,” specifically:
The word Hit’asher was selected, since it referred directly to acquiring personal wealth, and what is more, it included the other listed terms.
Next the individual letters comprising the chosen Hebrew word are traced amongst the set of letters in the uppermost column of the Kame’a. This specific sector comprises a set of unique Divine Names including, as indicated in bold in the following illustration, the “Forty-two Letter Name”:
(More to follow)

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