Friday, March 16, 2012

Amulets for Wealth & Happiness - Part 2

The individual, who employed the Kame’a we are currently discussing in a most beneficial manner, informed me that he was extremely careful in selecting in the exact order the letters comprising the Hebrew word related to his objective, i.e. Hitasher, from the mentioned uppermost column of the amulet. Furthermore, he ensured that the component letters were not located amongst glyphs which might trigger consequences countering his basic intention. Tracing the letters of the word in the top column of the Kame’a, the first two letters of the chosen term, , are readily at hand in the first row, and what is more these letters are located with a Vav , the sign of connection and continuation, on either side. Whilst the next letter, , the first letter of Osher (wealth) and Ashar (to be rich), also appears in the first row, the same letter in the second row was selected, since in this case the glyph is again conveniently supported on either side by a Vav , as shown in the following illustration:
My associate carefully avoided the combination of three letters reading in the third row, since these comprise a term which in this exact order reads Ra’ash, a word meaning “to quake,” “quiver,” “shake” and an “earthquake.” Besides, the letters are part of , the second set of six letters in the “Forty-Two Letter Name” which is sometimes read “KRA SaTaN” (“away Satan”)—all much too insecure and unpleasant associations when it comes to the fulfilment of the current objective. As it is, the remaining two letters, , appears in the correct successive order further along in the same row. What is more, they are conveniently positioned in such a manner under the selected in the second row, so as to form a triangle comprising the exact terms (Ashar and Osher) related to his specific intention, e.g.:
This kind of formula is well aligned with this Kame’a, in which portions of Divine Names feature in exactly this format. For example, note the portions of the “Name of Forty-two” appearing upside down in the circle located centre left in the Kame’a. Here we have the first three sets of this enigmatic “Name,” each set comprising the standard three letters. They are arranged in the shape of a triangle with three dots placed above the central letter of each group, like this:
Depicting those specific portions of the “Forty-two Letter Name” in this manner, reveals a fourth set of three letters from this Divine Name, as indicated by the triangle of dots respectively placed above the letters.
Now, having superimposed the word pertaining to his personal aim onto the very special set of Divine Names comprising the upper block of the Kame’a, my associate decided to highlight the component letters in gold, and again he was most careful to do this in their exact order of appearance: , so as to trace the exact spelling in Hebrew of his intention which is “Hitasher”—“to become enriched,” as indicated below:
(More to follow)

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