Sunday, March 18, 2012

Amulets for Wealth & Happiness - Part 4

Having, as it were, “charged” his body, mind and soul with Angelic and Divine Names, my associate focussed on the intention specific to his current use of this Kame’a, which, as said, pertained to the generation of personal material wealth. He informed me that he mentally scanned the rows of letters comprising the Divine Names in the top column of the Kame’a, briefly pausing on the letters comprising the Hebrew term aligned with his intention, and uttering the appropriate sounds associated with these letters. For example, when he reached the golden letters in the first row, he would pause briefly, look at the letters and say “Hit,” then continue scanning until he reaches the chosen golden in the second row, again pausing momentarily and uttering “Ah.” He would continue tracing along the letters until he reaches the golden in the third row, when he would commence sounding “Sh” whilst continuing to scan to the golden , when he concluded the utterance sounding “Sher.” He told me that he repeated this action three times, since he considered this repetition to be in harmony with the three letters of the word “Osher”—“Wealth.” Afterwards he collectively “flashed,” so to speak, the five golden glyphs comprising his “magic word,” simultaneously vocalizing it (“Hit’asher”). This he felt he needed to do seven times.
In conclusion, my associate sat down comfortably, closed his eyes, and, whilst relaxing into the seat, commenced a “Hagah” (mantra) comprising the first row of Divine Names in the upper right hand column— (Shadai Yachid Shadai Chai). He indicated that he had chosen this specific phrase with the intention of using it continuously, literally round-the-clock, until the achievement of his aim. He specified that whenever he felt the need to do so, he would retrieve his Kame’a and “flash” his “magic word” in the manner described earlier.
My associate has since achieved the sought after result, and is presently using the same Kame’a for a different intention, perhaps one related to the pure delight of aligning ones body, mind, soul and spirit with the “forces” inherent in the Divine and Angelic Names. I am well aware that he had employed it in a most powerful manner, and I am convinced he will continue to repeat this in many ways. However, I believe there is a vital hidden factor to remember regarding his great success.....he did not doubt for a single second that the manner in which he was employing this Kame’a would bring about the sought after result!
In conclusion, it is worth keeping in mind that in the “magical art of joining together what belongs together,” you have to become a “Living Question Mark.” Check and recheck that all “poles are accurately connected,” before “turning on the lights” of Practical Kabbalah!!

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