Saturday, March 17, 2012

Amulets for Wealth & Happiness - Part 3

Having prepared the amulet we are addressing in a most careful manner, my associated next "bound" himself, as it were, to the Kame’a by vocalising and tracing the Divine and Angelic Names in the locales in his own body which correspond to the exact positions indicated in the central framed figure in the amulet.
He intended himself to be the living expression of this image, and he did this in the following manner:
1. Starting under the chin, moving up round the left side and down the right side, he uttered and mentally traced the words
(Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh Shadai Yachid YHVH Tzva’ot) around his head like this:
2. This was followed by verbalizing and tracing the words (Yah) over his right eye and (Tzva’ot) down his right temple and cheek, followed by (Tzva’ot) traced up his left cheek and temple, then again (Yah) over the left eye, and finally concluding with the uttering of the Divine Name (Achatri’el), simultaneously tracing it along his nose downwards to his mouth as shown in the following illustration:
3. Next, he brought his attention to his neck and throat. Focussing on the left side of the neck, he uttered (Hayah Adonai) and mentally traced the first word down the left side of the neck, continuing with the second along the left shoulder. This was followed by shifting his attention to his throat, then uttering and tracing (Hoveh Elah) down the throat and tracing into the upper chest. He concluded this portion of the procedure by mentally tracing and uttering (v’Yiyeh Shadai) down the right side of the neck and along the right shoulder, as indicated below:
4. Continuing the procedure, the name of Archangel (Metatron) was traced and uttered down the right arm, and the procedure repeated with the angelic name (Yotzaf’chiron) traced and uttered up the left arm, as shown in the following illustration:
5. Attention was next brought to the upper torso, directly below the shoulders. Commencing at the top of the torso, the Names of ten Archangels were vocalised and traced in layers on the body in the following manner:
(Micha’el) top right and (Raphael) top left;
(Tzadki'el) next layer right and (Pani’el) left;
(Rachmi’el) ensuing right and (Nuri’el) left;
(Razi’el) following right and (Yofi'el) left.
Then (YHV—IAO) was uttered and traced five times from right to left at navel level, and this portion of the procedure concluded with (Shamshi’el) being traced on the lower torso right and (Yecho’el) correspondingly left. The entire construct appears:
6. This procedure of vocalizing and tracing of Divine and Angelic Names on his body, was concluded with the utterance of (Agala’a) down the right leg and (Ehyeh) along the right foot, concluding with (Ehyeh) along the left foot and finally tracing (Agala’a) up the left leg, as shown below:
7. The entire procedure was concluded by encircling the body, as it were, with a shield of force generated by the Names of ten Archangels vocalised and traced around the body—five upwards from the left foot around the left side to the top of the head, and five downwards round the right side back to the right foot. These are:
Left Up:
Right Down:
In the Kame'a this, as it were, "Circle of Power" format appears:
(More to follow)

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